Another super popular font. Great for girl's themes, and the lower case letters in this font are great too.
Funky Western font, great for themed letters, painted in a wood colour, with grains painted on !
Really nice font, I used this for all my wall letters, as it's perfect for boys and girl's themes.
Rockwell extra bold
The heaviest, thickest font we do. If you want a lot of wood for your money, this is the one to go for !!
It's perfect for doing photo collages on, perhaps for an 18th birthday.
Super cool font, personally I like the numbers in this font, they work really well for weddings (eg table numbers)
Cooper Black
A very classic and popular font. Chunky, versatile. One warning, the "&" symbol is a little different, worth checking before you purchase.
Pirate theme
A new arrival, looks great on the wall in a pirate themed bedroom !
Brush Script
A great font for the joined words, in lower case. I don't recommend getting a joined word in Capitals. Always happy to provide a sample image of the name you would like
A very versatile font. My only warning is the "J" It's quite narrow, and in the free standing option, it is tricky to stand.
I love this font. When I ran my painting business, I used this one for most of my free standing orders. Great shape on each letter
Sans Serif Rounded
This is a really useable font for most needs. Works well for Decoupage
Boys R Gross
This is a great font for girls themes. Not the best for 18mm Free Standing letters as we need to flatten the bottoms, and it doesn't work great with certain letters, like the G for example.
Arial Black
A great all round font. Simple, and classic. As it has no serifs (Sticky out bits) it is great for decoupage.
Georgia Bold
Quite simply, our best selling font. Classic, bold. Suitable for boys and girls, weddings. Suits all kinds of purposes.
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