Lovely for Toy Boxes and Doors
These are 10cm tall (Capital Letter)


Better pics to follow


PLEASE NOTE: The price is fixed at £3.50 so this is priced for words and names, and we keep the price the same regardless of the length of the name, but it is for ONE name, please do not add one to basket and ask for 2 names.

This includes hyphenated names. If a name is hyphenated this counts as two names.
The height will be 10cm, slightly smaller if the name is incredibly long, (Eg Christopher) and slightly bigger if the name is very short (Eg Leo) 

They are 4mm thick



We dont do any other script fonts unfortunately as they are often too thin and fragile to send. 
We have found these two fonts work the best


10cm tall Scripted Font words (Pacifico font)