18mm Joined Names and Words

18mm Joined Names and Words


18mm Free Standing joined names and words. 

They are 12cm tall (At the tallest point) (Or if you prefer 10cm, you can let us know in the notes) It's the same price
You have a lovely choice of fonts and can choose whether you want upper or lower case letters. 
Please note that some of the fonts are only available in Upper case (Eg Kapow) and some fonts work better in lower case (eg Brush Script) 
Also, please note that if you choose lower case, this doesn't always work great if the name has a letter that hangs down (eg "y,g") 
If you choose a lower case font, but have a hanging letter within the name, that letter will need to be lifted to make sure they are all flat at the bottom. (Please see the "Peighton" Example to see what we mean)
If this doesn't look right, and we feel it won't work, we will come back to you to suggest going with upper case.


Upper case or lower case
Quantity of letters
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