Brand New and Exclusive to Perrys Woodcraft @perryslids 

A solid stand to hold your Activity Lids in. 
The frame is hollow in the centre, with a 3mm solid base which you can glue to the frame to make a tray to keep the little pieces in that come with a lot of our lid designs 

There's an option to buy a stand for Large Lids, Small Lids or Half and Half 

The dowel that comes with each set will need to be twisted in and possibly a bang or two of a hammer to drive them home, as they are a deliberately tight fit. 
The dowels for the large lids are 30cm long, and the small lids are 15cm long 

The frame is 33cm x 33cm and is perfect for slotting onto a Kallax unit shelf, or you can simply sit it on the table, on the floor or even store it under your Flisat table. 
Great for quick activity changeovers. 

The amount of lids they will hold will depend on the thickness of the lid designs you have, but I would estimate an average of 20 lids per stand. 

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The option for having two ends, so you can lay the stand for storing items horizontally has now been added. 
Please note that if you select this option, you wont get the solid bases, as they won't be needed for this item, and the max width will be 26cm - So you wont be able to fit the Large Activity lids with this option. But great for wooden puzzles, books and more. 
(The dowel provided is 30cm, but with the dowel going into two ends at 18mm each, it reduces that length to 26.4cm)

Activity Lid Stand - Fits KALLAX units

PriceFrom £15.00
  • If you don't have a Flisat table

    With most of our designs, we're happy to make them more rectangular to be just used on a desk, table, floor etc, for anyone that doesn't have a Flisat table, or Trofast trays. 
    Please just comment in the notes and we'll remove the little thumb slot and make the corners more rectangular.