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Spider Free Standing Rainbow Stacker 


Approx 23cm Wide and 17cm tall with 4 parts (18mm) 
This stacker comes with 3mm Web pieces which you can paint separately and glue onto the rainbow

So easy to paint, I used black acrylic for the rainbow, and a simple white paint pen (or any acrylic white paint) for the web, then glued each piece onto the rainbow 
(Please note they do not come painted, and we don't offer this option) 

BASICS halloween Spider Rainbow Stacker

  • BASICS Collection - Please read

      All items in this section are sold as seen and as described. (Which is why these listings do not have instructions boxes as we are unable to adapt or change or personalise anything in this range)


    Some of the items are simpler versions of existing products so please feel free to use our search page to look for other versions of any of the products if you prefer


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