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Ikea Trofast / Flisat Activity Lid


This listing is for our Bee counting Activity lid set 


A fab activity lid that helps to recognize numbers and is a fun way to celebrate the wonderful bee with the lovley honeycomb themed 10 frame

When not using it for counting, you can use it as a fun sensory or tinker tray


The lid consists of a recessed honeycomb tray, that you simply glue to the underneath of the lid, and a 3mm solid base engraved with hexagons that help you with where to place your numbered hexagon vinyls 
You get 10 chunky bee shapes.

You stick your bee vinyls onto those. 
The bees all have ascending dots, so you then place the correct numbered bee into the correct hexagon tray 

The lid sets come with the 10cm square bowl that sits in the hole, perfect for storing some of the bees, scoops, tongs or pom poms 

Or simply buy the blanks shapes set for various matching games, stacking fun and counting activities
The blanks shape set consists of 10 x 18mm bee shapes and 10 x 12mm hexagon shapes (Then the vinyls to go with them) 


Please see the photos for each choice you make in the drop down menu

We are working in partnership with the lovely Bunnihome Crafts who creates beautiful products, and we have started this partnership with her wonderful vinyls (Link at the bottom of the listing) 

At the moment we do this set, the colour and shape matching and the road sign set (Please see New for 2023 section for this listing) but we hope to add more soon 


please note that when you order with the vinyls, they will not come stuck onto your blanks, this is for you to do at home - and we do not sell the vinyls on their own, if you want those and none of our mdf products, please kindly visit bunnicraft - link at the bottom of the listing 


This product is for the Large Trofast Trays only, and is 42cm x 30cm


Vinyl – Bunnihome Crafts - Please visit Bunnihome's website for vinyls and to browse her amazing items - more products from us with her products coming soon 


Bee and Honeycomb Counting Lid set (Bunnihome partnership)

PriceFrom £6.50
  • Disclaimer

    All our Learning Resource and Activity Lid products are craft / learning aids and are to be used under supervision only. Some of the items may contain small parts

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