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all pieces are 18mm thick 


  • MUSA SET One stacking Mountain Shape (Approx 10cm tall)          2 x Waves outline (18mm thick - Approx 16cm wide by 13cm tall) Handdrawn rectangle Approx 8cm) Cow Shape (Approx 7cm tall)
  • SALIH SET Camel Shape (18mm thick - Approx 12cm tall) Cloud with two lightening bolts (Approx 7cm wide) Lightening bolt (Matches the bolt coming out of the cloud
  • GYM SET Lantern Mosque Star / moon x 2 Camel All 18mm thick and approx 10cm sizes (PLEASE NOTE THEY DO NOT COME WITH HOLES, THIS WAS A SPECIAL REQUEST AND PHOTO NEEDS UPDATING) 
  • HUD SET Tornado (Approx 18cm) 2 x High Towers/Buildings (Approx 15cm tall x 3cm wide) Sun (Approx 10cm) Cloud with one lightening bolt (Approx 12cm wide)
  • IBRAHIM SET 4 Birds (All different) (approx 6cm in size) Fire Stacker set (Approx 14cm tall) 4 x Stacking Mountains (Approx 10cm) 

Prophet Sets

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