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A set of 3 emergency service buildings with vehicle and peg doll included 

They are freestanding, the buildings average approx 20cm in size and come with a 3mm front part that you can paint in a contrasting colour to the main part, and glue on with any white craft glue 
We sell the glue, link at the bottom of the listing 

You can buy each building individually, or treat yourself to the entire set 

Points to note please: 

  • The vehicles are 18mm thick, the peg dolls are a bit wider, so will need holding perhaps if driving the vehicles (you get one 3mm front piece) 
  • The doorways of each building fit a 65mm peg doll (included, may vary between the male and female style) 
  • The Police station one comes with one extra peg doll to put in prison (Same price as the police car is smaller than the other two vehicles) 
  • The buildings come with little feet to make sure they can't topple over (pics to follow) 
  • The photos may vary slighly as I plan to add a couple of details (eg star in the police badge sign) 
  • We sell peg dolls separately if you wanted to add characters (eg patients, prisoners, firefighters) (Link below) 

    Learning Aids, Resources, MDF Craft ( (glue) 

Learning Aids, Resources, MDF Craft ( (peg dolls) 


Emergency Services building sets

PriceFrom £7.50
  • Disclaimer

    All our Learning Resource and Activity Lid products are craft / learning aids and are to be used under supervision only. Some of the items may contain small parts

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