Engraved Multi use Gaming Board

6mm Thick MDF Engraved Gaming Board 

A 6 x 6 Grid of 48mm Squares, so a great size for our 4cm Discs (That come with the TIC TAC TOE Engraved boards) 


The board measures 30cm x 30cm 

Would look fabulous painting in Black and White Check, or, as suggested by a customer already, a handpainted Snakes and Ladders. 

Can be used without the discs, as a number counting board, or many other ideas ! 

We are working on a board with more squares, and little chess pieces, so please bear with us and follow us for updates. 

The Drop down menu will give you photos showing you what you receive for the option you choose


Your choices are 

Engraved Board with NO discs, 
Engraved Board with 24 Discs, 
Pack of 24 Discs 

Engraved Multi use Gaming Board

Pack option
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