Brand New Engraved 6mm Boards with Optional Loose letters to create Names or Words.


Loose letters/numbers provided depending on if you choose this option and these are 3-4mm (5cm) COMIC SANS LASER CUT MDF letters and can be either Upper or Lower case -  


Please read description below for options and sizes

  • 2 x letter board (6cm x 11cm) (WITH OR WITHOUT 2 LETTERS)
  • 3 x letter board (6cm x 17cm) (WITH OR WITHOUT 3 LETTERS)
  • 4 x letter board (6cm x 23cm) (WITH OR WITHOUT 4 LETTERS)
  • 5 x letter board (6cm x 28cm) (WITH OR WITHOUT 5 LETTERS)
  • 6 x letter board (6cm x 34cm) (WITH OR WITHOUT 6 LETTERS)
  • 7 x letter board (6cm x 40cm) (WITH OR WITHOUT 7 LETTERS)
  • 8 x letter board (2 x 4 LETTER BOARDS) (Total length approx 46cm) (WITH OR WITHOUT 8 LETTERS)
  • 9 x letter board (1 x 5 and 1 x 4 letter board) (Total length approx 52cm) (WITH OR WITHOUT 9 LETTERS)
  • 10 x letter board (2 x 5 letter boards) (Total length approx 56cm) (WITH OR WITHOUT 10 LETTERS)


BUMPER PACK - one of each board 1-7 (With or without 28 letters) We ask that you please specify which letters you want in the pack you order - please do not ask for more letters than you have selected and please write the letters in the case you would like, as we will provide the letters as you have written them (Eg if you write the name in lower case you will receive lower case letters) INFO : THE LOWER CASE i and j WILL HAVE JOINED DOTS

Engraved Name / Word Boards

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  • Laser and CNC

    As we now have a laser machine, we will be changing how some of our items are cut. 
    All items that are 4mm thick or have a 4mm part to them (Eg backings to trays and puzzles) will be laser cut, and we will also now cut a lot of our 6mm products with the laser machine too, as this gives a crisper finish to the edges. 
    Please use the comments box on the product you are buying if they are any of the above thicknesses, and feel you would prefer us to cut it as before with our CNC machines (This is not an option now with 4mm backings, as we will be pre cutting all of these to help with our speed of service) 
    thanks, the Perrys x