Brand new ! 

Free Standing Train Letters / Names and just added is a Unicorn/Princess carriage option (Better pics to follow soon) 


Interlocking Carriages with Train and Log Rear Carriage - Each Carriage has a hook that loosely connects with the next one. Not enough to pull along as they will come apart, they are not locked together, but do hold together nicely. 

The letter carriages are approx 12cm tall (Width average is 12cm), the rear carriage approx 11cm wide, and the train is 13cm wide and tall

So you can work out approx the total length of the name of your choice. 

As an example, the name ALFIE including train and rear carriage is 75cm long approx


You can buy a whole name, which automatically is sold with train and rear carriage, or you can just buy them indiviually, if you prefered.


All the options on the drop down menu  - There is an option for letter with train and rear carriage, great option if you wanted a number perhaps. 

Just pop your requirements in the notes 

Train & Princess Carriage Letters

PriceFrom £1.60