Hollow Peg Doll Stables

Hollow Peg Doll Stables


A lovely Hollow Stable shape in 18mm - Great for standing Peg dolls in

The sizes are as follows : (Height by Width)
Small : 15cm x 20cm (4-5 Peg Dolls)
Medium: 15cm x 25cm (5-6 Peg Dolls) 
Large : 15cm x 30cm (6-7 Peg Dolls) 
XL : 21cm x 34cm (7-8 Peg Dolls)


The Estimation of peg dolls is very approx and based on the 65mm x 25mm ones. It all depends on your scene, eg, if you are placing a manger in the centre, so please only take my measurements as approx


You have an option of just having a hollow Stable, or a stable with a 4mm Solid backdrop (Great for painting a scene onto) :) 



With or Without Backdrop
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