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Brand New, a fab last minute idea for Christmas pressie ! 

Number Nuggets Puzzle 


A set of 10 chunky nuggets in 18mm MDF - With ascending numbered holes, perfectly sized at approx 9mm for chick peas and small 10mm pom poms 

A 3mm Tray with the solid base being engraved with the numbers 1-10 

(You can simply glue the hollow part to the base using any white based glue) 
We sell one too, if you search glue :) 

They are great for motor skills too as you can use them without the tray / puzzle, and stack them up or use them in your own homemade masking tape 10 frames


The nuggets vary slightly, but average approx 8-9cm 

Number Nuggets

PriceFrom £6.50
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