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A lovely set of 5 freestanding shapes and paints


Snowman, Santa, Tree, Gingerbread person and Christmas stocking 
Comes with a set of four wonderful non toxic Christmas coloured Acrylic paints 
(Red, Green, Gingerbread brown and soft antique white) 

You can paint all of these shapes using just those four colours. 
Simply paint the 18mm chunky part one colour, and then the 3mm hollow part another colour and glue the 3mm part onto the chunky part when dry, giving you an amazing and impactful design. 

Use any white craft glue, we sell one here

The shapes are approx 13/14cm tall 

There's options to buy just one shape without any paints, ALL shapes and ALL paints, each paint pot individually (no palette with this option) or a pack of just the paints with a FREE mixing palette 



Paint your own Christmas Shapes

PriceFrom £1.50
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