A lovely Hollow Stage Set in 18mm 


Great for Scene Setting in a classroom setting, various sizes and options available, please read below


You can buy with a 4mm Solid backdrop and you can paint the 4mm backdrop in a certain theme, and then buy spare ones that will interchange for different scene options !


They go perfectly with our hugely popular Mini sets !! 

The sizes are as follows : (Height by Width)
Small : 15cm x 20cm 
Medium: 15cm x 25cm 
Large : 15cm x 30cm 
XL : 21cm x 34cm 

Two Storey : 30cm x 25cm 

Four Rooms : 30cm x 25cm 

Lego Minifigure : 34cm Wide, 29cm tall (each shelf is 7cm tall) 

'TIP' With this shelf, it fits the 2 wide flat lego pieces, so you can glue those to the shelf to stand the minifigures in

Please note, as the MDF is only 18mm thick, if you stand a 65mm peg doll on the shelf, it will stick out by approx 3mm as peg dolls are usually approx 22mm thick at the base 


The Stage/Floor part is 12cm deep (front to back) in all size options


The Options are 

  • FULL : The house / Shelf Shape, the floor piece and a 4mm solid background piece 
  • JUST 4mm Background 
  • Just Shelf : This is for the Minifigure shelf, if you dont need the floor and a background piece 


Please note : None of the display figures are included they are just for illustration purposes



Play Scene / Stage Sets

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