This listing is for one of the designs from the new range of lids we have launched. 


This listing is for the Half Circle Tube and Funnel lids

A Clear Acrylic Semi Circle which you simply lay over 3 of your segments, and pop the 54mm tubes provided into the holes. 
We provide a free funnel and Scoop with each order

The lids are exclusively designed by us, to fit perfectly on the PlayTRAY™® circular tray 

You will not find these anywhere else, and we will be growing the range over the coming months 

They are made from either 3mm MDF or Acrylic, please read each listing for their own individual descriptions. 
All lids measure 39cm in diameter which means they fit perfectly within the rim of the lids that come with the PlayTRAY™®

You can sit them in your existing lid's rim for a solid base activity (Eg cooker, Puzzle, flash card holder) or you can sit it inside the tray, resting on the 6 segments for a hollow base activity (Eg Posting, Rice Run, test tube designs) 

If you do not have the tray with segments, you have the option of buying a slightly larger lid (43cm) to sit ontop of the tray

(When the lid is off) which gives you the option of using all the hollow activities.

This extra large lid will come with a ringed rim underneath, glued in place already for you, so the lid does not slide about when on. 

If you don't already have a PlayTRAY™® but are keen to get hold of one, you can buy them directly from the designers and manufacturers, Inspire my PlayTRAY™®

PlayTRAY – Inspire My Play (



Half Circle Tube and Funnels - PlayTRAY™ Activity Lids