These corners are from our popular road set, so if you have the road set already, these are a fab addition to your collection 


They are £1.50 for a pack of 4 
So if you would like 8, or 12, etc, please change the quantity to suit. 

The reason for the reduction in price on these is because we cut them all on our CNC machine, then when we bought our laser machine, everyone wanted them laser cut  :) 
So we have loads and loads of them. 

We've bundled them into packs of four as we think they would make fab season circles too 


PLEASE NOTE : As with all sale items, they are ready to post within 1-3 days, if bought alone or with other sale only items. 
If you order with standard non sale items, then our normal waiting time applies 
If you would like to add items to an existing order, please see the homepage info for how to do this

SALE - Road corner pieces