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Awesome sand trays designed for either mark making trays or using in the bottom of your Ikea trofast tray for a mess free play base (mess free ish!) 

Comes with a free wooden mark making pencil 

Simply place your sand tray in the bottom of your trofast tray, either with or without the divider insert (which is great for creating a seamless rainbow stripe, or alternate colours like black and white) 
Then you can use both little thumb notches to lift it out easily, making your clean up a little easier 


(The trofast BASE tray is only available in the large trofast size)

There is a flisat insert option too, which is our standard activity lid sizes (small and large) to sit ontop of your trofast trays. 

The LARGE flisat lid comes with both the rainbow stripe and the pre writing interchangeable inserts

Of course, you can also use any of these without trofast trays, and just use them simply as sand trays for mark making or open world play bases. 
Perfect on tuff trays for keeping a sand area enclosed and separate 

The border to the tray is just 3mm, so it is designed for a shallow layer of sand. 
We do sell deep mark making trays here if you prefer that 

mark making - Perrys Woodcraft


We sell a fab set of mini sand bottles in a gift sample pack of 9 colours here 
These are perfect for this product ! 

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Sand sorter tray activity lids and trofast bases

PriceFrom £5.00
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