Sanding Blocks / Sponges 

Lovely Solid Sponges 10cm x 70cm x 25cm (Approx) with a fine grit 
These are fabulous for smoothing off edges of MDF after a coat of primer/undercoat


These are 'factory seconds' which means, they are NEW and perfectly fine for use, but can vary in grit and may contain small bald patches, but we will send the best ones we have. 
This is why they are a lot cheaper than you may find elsewhere. They are simply from the large batches we purchase for our own use, but may be a little too fine for our own needs, so a great bargain price for you :)

Sanding Sponge / Block

PriceFrom £0.50
  • Colour and coats

    We have painted real wood peg dolls to show you the shades of each colour that we sell, but please allow slight variances depending on your own brightness and saturation settings on your devices. 
    Each paint has had TWO coats, but please remember that MDF is often darker, and more porous at the edges, so may need a base boat (Gesso or White Acrylic) and more coats