Simply a fantastic centre piece for your child's room, or an Eye catching word for your home. 
They are 12mm thick - and the height of the first Capital letter is 20cm 


If you buy one single initial, this will be a capital and will be 20cm tall

We have given an 7 Letter limit, but if you have a longer name, feel free to select the 7 letter option, but please note that any names over 7 letters will be reduced in size slightly to keep the overall length under 1 metre (Due to postage restrictions and the size of our machine) 
If you need us to give you the length of a particular name before purchasing please get in touch as they vary, as some of the letters are curvier, and wider than others. 

The two fonts you can choose from are Bold and Stylish (Stay Wild my Child pic sample) and Alianza Script which is the Jaxson/Jacob Pic Sample) 

We dont do any other script fonts unfortunately as they are often too thin and fragile to send. 
We have found these two fonts work the best


Scripted Font Letters and Names

PriceFrom £3.50