Seasons Cube tower


A fab four part cube set, which rotates on a Dowel Rod and Stand 
It includes the four seasons, a symbol representing them, clothes you might wear during those seasons and well known events that fall within those seasons 

The cubes are 6cm and the total height when assembled is approx 25cm

It comes in a really easy to assemble flat pack set, with little elastic bands which you need to put on the dowel in between each cube to provide a tiny bit oif distance between them. 

Being flat packed makes it easier to paint if you wanted to paint each little engraved image 

You then simply slot each piece in place, thread through the dowel and stand up into the base. 
A little dab of glue in each slot will hold it strongly in place, although even with no glue, you may find it secure enough

There is an option for Assembled too, for just a few pounds more. 
If you select this, I will glue all pieces in place and it will come ready to use


The glue is CE certified non toxic and is the one we sell 
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Seasons rotating cube set

PriceFrom £8.99