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Solar System Shape Sorter  12mm Hollow Piece measuring 42cm x 11cm 9 Planets in Proportionate sizes in 18mm thick (So they protrude when placed in the holes) They are deliberately sized to fit fairly snug for the purposes of it being easier to identify which hole is the correct onThe planets vary in size from approx 2cm - 6cm Half Sun Shape 4mm Solid base so you can glue to the Shape sorter if you wish

Solar System Shape Sorter

  • Laser and CNC

    As we now have a laser machine, we will be changing how some of our items are cut. 
    All items that are 4mm thick or have a 4mm part to them (Eg backings to trays and puzzles) will be laser cut, and we will also now cut a lot of our 6mm products with the laser machine too, as this gives a crisper finish to the edges. 
    Please use the comments box on the product you are buying if they are any of the above thicknesses, and feel you would prefer us to cut it as before with our CNC machines (This is not an option now with 4mm backings, as we will be pre cutting all of these to help with our speed of service) 
    thanks, the Perrys x

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