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Overseas Shipping 


You'll find the Tariffs on the basket page when you visit the items you've added.
This page answers frequently asked questions, has links to the companies we use and info on EU Customs regs. 

Please read these before ordering from any country other than the UK or Northern Ireland. 

REALLY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: We have researched the current prices through Royal Mail and Parcel2go,
and unfortunately the costs are really high and difficult to estimate due to the weight of items.
We are not adding costs to the tariffs we have set out and in any situation where the actual cost of sending your order costs less than we have charged you, we WILL REFUND you the difference. 



Do I pay any customs Charges ?
This MAY be payable by you if requested by the carrier before delivery can be made
We are not responsible for any custom charges / Taxes or duties that are required before parcels are released and delivered to your address. 
This mainly applies to Ireland - So please read below
We provide a value of the parcelled goods and all the paperwork provided for each order, and will cover the cost of insuring each parcel that leaves us, in accordance with the current shipping rules and regulations for businesses. 
Due to variances in customs fees, and it being ambiguous to estimate, we send items DDU (Delivered Duties Unpaid) 

Delivered Duty Unpaid or DDU, is an agreement that states that the seller will claim all responsibility and risks involved in delivering goods to a destination.
After the goods arrive, the buyer becomes responsible for paying import duties and further transport costs.
Please note that most of this applies to the EU countries and shipping to the US or Canada does not generally attract any additional fees

"The EU and UK have agreed a Trade and Cooperation Agreement (pdf) (the Brexit Trade Deal) that covers customs charges when buying online from the UK. However, the deal only applies to products coming into Ireland that are made in the UK. This means you may still have to pay customs duty on some items bought online in the UK and delivered to Ireland
The Brexit Trade Deal does not impact on VAT. You may have to pay VAT on purchases from the UK from 1 January 2021"

If you choose not to pay to have your parcel released, it will be returned to us, and we will then contact you to arrange the next steps once it arrives safely back with us, but please know that we are not obliged to refund the order in this event and any refunds agreed are only processed once the parcels have arrived safely back with us.  
Your refund will only be partial as we are not liable to pay the outwards shipping costs as this has been spent by us, and we may incur return customs fees which will be deducted from your refund, so please consider paying the customs fees to have your parcel delivered as this is often less than the refund deductions

How long will it take to arrive ? 
We will use the best service available depending on the destination, weight of the goods, and we will decide whether it's beneficial to both parties to split the order into multiple parcels.
The timescales for delivery is usually within a few days worldwide, but we cannot estimate it as parcels may be held at customs for checking and these delays are out of our control. 
All orders will be sent tracked, and the tracking information will be emailed to you, so we do please urge you to track your parcels to ensure you do not miss any vital instructions that may help with your safe delivery. 
The timescales on the website homepage relate to the time it takes from you ordering to dispatch, and does not include the shipping time. 

Buying online from the UK after Brexit (

(The link above gives information regarding buying from the Uk if you are in the EU)

International services | Royal Mail

Send a Parcel | Parcel Delivery Quote | Courier Quotes | Parcel2Go

(The links above are our Royal mail service and Parcel2Go which we will use in most orders, so you can use their price guide to see the current charges and compare against our rates) 
Please see note above where we have acknowledged that our postage prices are estimated as it depends on the weight of your overall order, so any overpayment you make in the postage cost will be refunded for you) 

As an estimate : A £20 order often weighs approx 2 Kilos 
A £50 order, approx 5 Kilos, and a £100 order may weigh approx 20 Kilos 

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