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A chunky 12mm ring with holes (the holes are 26mm)

Or Rectangle with holes to make 10 or 12 frame boards 


A choice of 12 holes to make a perpetual calendar or

10 holes to make a 10 frame base


The 12 Hole ring is 23cm and the 10 hole ring is 21cm

The rectangles are approx 22 x 10cm and 24cm x 10cm for the 12 hole one


The items come with a solid ring base which you can glue on to make a tray


They fit the 65mm male and female Wooden peg dolls which we sell

Also, we now stock 75mm and 9cm Peg dolls, which sit perfectly on top of the holes (Please look at our Wooden Peg doll listing for info)



Peg Doll 10 or 12 frames (Self registration)

PriceFrom £4.00
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