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6mm Wall Alphabet Sets (And Sets of Numbers) 

A set of 26 Letters in various fonts and mixed sizes (info below) 

You will receive a similar range of fonts as per the photo, but not exactly the same, the photo is a guide, the fonts will be random, but varied. They will be mainly capitals but may have the odd lower case letter

You are welcome to make any notes (eg if you prefer more curly fonts all one font, or want a specific letter in a particular font, or all lower case, or would like an ampersand included)


There is a choice of sizes : SMALL - LARGE and GIANT 


SMALL : 10cm - 15cm 

LARGE : 15cm - 20cm 

GIANT : 20cm - 30cm 


Sized are approx and random, some may be slightly larger due to certain fonts

Approximate wall space needed (VERY approximate as it depends on the layout you choose for your wall display but is a guide to help you visualise)

SMALL : 80cm x 60cm

LARGE : 120 x 100cm

GIANT : 180 x 150cm


There is also an option for a set of numbers from 1-10 inclusive with the same size options 


please note, these do not come with wall fixings, they are just plain 6mm letters, but I recommend command strips, or just packs of double sided sticky pads

6mm Alphabet Wall Set

PriceFrom £7.00
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