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Ikea Trofast / Flisat fitting Activity Lids


The Lid Sizes are Small : 30cm x 20cm

Large : 42 x 30cm


And they fit perfectly in the large and small Trofast trays that slot into the Flisat tables


This listing is for the Seasons and Weather Lids


It is a 6mm Lid with a Detailed Images of different weather and seasons for little ones to take in their knowledge of what's going on outside and learn about the different environmental conditions


The choices are:

  • Sliding dial - Weather AND Seasons (only available in large)
  • Turning Dial - Weather (Small or Large)
  • Turning Dial - Seasons (Small or Large)
  • Pack of 2 Large (You Choose)
  • Pack of 1 x Large and 2 x Small (You Choose)
  • Pack of 2 x Small (You Choose) (Please note, if you do not specify, we will choose to save delays with orders)

The Sliding dial one comes with two pointers and small dowel which is deliberately a tight fit to keep the sliders from falling through.

You can twist them off to paint and put them back on when finished. The dial ones come with a 12cm length of dowel so it will poke through the centre hole, and rest at the bottom of the tray and come with a pointer (The pointers have been made short so they don't obstruct the images)


We have just added spare pointers which will consist of Two pointers, dowels and base pieces to hold dowels in place


This is an original Perrys Woodcraft design and is protected by copyright © Please support the original supplier / designer and not any copies that may appear following this listing (listed 6th August 2021) All designs in this post have been legally copyright protected Copyright reference number : 15276070821S007 Date valid from 7th August 2021

Activity Lid - Seasons & Weather

PriceFrom £1.50
  • If you don't have a Flisat table

    With most of our designs, we're happy to make them more rectangular to be just used on a desk, table, floor etc, for anyone that doesn't have a Flisat table, or Trofast trays. 
    Please just comment in the notes and we'll remove the little thumb slot and make the corners more rectangular. 

  • Disclaimer

    All our Learning Resource and Activity Lid products are craft / learning aids and are to be used under supervision only. Some of the items may contain small parts

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