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A fab ball sports posting activity lid 

Made for the large trofast (40x30cm) 
Engraved on this lid is 6 different ball sports, and their matching balls for posting into the goals, holes and targets ! 

The sports are 
Football, Rugby, bowling, golf, cricket, basketball

The balls vary in size as they are roughly proportionate to each other, so the smallest is the golf ball at approx 3cm

The we also have a fab collection of BALL sensory trays 
A set of 8 balls, roughly proportionate to eachother 


Bowling, Volleyball, basket ball, football, tennis, baseball, badminton shuttlecock and a rugby ball

They are approx 7-12cm 

They come in two parts, a 6mm hollow layer and the 3mm solid base which you can glue together to make a tray (any white craft glue) 



Ball Sports Activity lid and sensory trays

PriceFrom £8.50
  • BASICS collection - Please read

     All items in this section are sold as seen and as described. (Which is why these listings do not have instructions boxes as we are unable to adapt or change or personalise anything in this range)


    Some of the items are simpler versions of existing products so please feel free to use our search page to look for other versions of any of the products if you prefer


    The thickness of some of the items, particularly the activity lids may vary from 3mm - 6mm depending on the design and stock availability - We will ALWAYS use the best material for the design, ensuring you get the best quality as always


    This range is cheap, affordable and eligible for a free item due to the items being simple for us to cut, sand and pack, without the need for accessories, excessive packaging and time consuming engraving and assembling.


    The offer: If you add any SEVEN items from the Perry's BASICS range to your basket, and enter the code BASICS7 you will get the 7th item free, so only paying for 6


    The code will automatically discount the lowest priced item and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount code

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