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This is a listing for a collection of Christmas Craft products 

These are limited quantities. 
Please note, due to inventory being tricky to track because these products are live on other listings and customers saving their basket contents, there may be occasions when an item is out of stock after you have purchased, in which case, we will refund that from your order. 

There are various pom poms, fake snow, white food grade packing peanuts, white craft glue, gingerbread colour acrylic paint, letter from Santa (Good certificate), fine glitter tubes and patterned paper packs. 


All products are either UKCA certified, or the US equivalent for the Acrylic paint, suitable for 3plus age, or 5 plus with the fake snow. 
All products are labelled accordingly 

The packing peanuts are 100% bio degradeable and disolvable and completely safe for children to play with. 

Christmas Craft Products

PriceFrom £1.50
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