Pack of 9 Chunky Numeracy symbols 


Pack contains what you see in the photo, and the equals sign can be joined like the photo or two separate pieces so please just write in the notes if you prefer to have them separate. 

There's a choice of SMALL SET (Average 8cm pieces) or LARGE SET (Average 12cm) 
The small goes great with our 10cm holey numbers and the large goes well with our new 15cm holey numbers 


There's an option to buy one item, and also, if you do buy a full pack but would like me to exchange any contents (Eg remove the $ and put in an extra % symbol) please just write it clearly in the notes for us. 


They are chunky 18mm and the font is Arial Rounded so no sharp edges ! 


18mm MDF 

CHUNKY Numeracy Symbols (Set of 9)

Pack option
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