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Engraved 3mm MDF tokens in 6cm circles and paddles (approx 16cm long) 

Choose between paddles or tokens to help learn the many comparisons while out and about 

Put them in a bag for little ones to pick one out, or hold up a paddle and find examples of the word in their surroundings, or to use those words in a sentence

Please note that we will provide 2 metal split keyrings free with each set of paddles (we can't fit all 12 paddles onto one keyring) 


This set includes : 

near, far, big, little, thin, wide, huge, tiny, long, short, tall, small


Comparison Tokens and Paddles

PriceFrom £8.00
  • Disclaimer

    All our Learning Resource and Activity Lid products are craft / learning aids and are to be used under supervision only. Some of the items may contain small parts

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