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Constellation  Flash card set with holes for threading and guide lines between each 'star' to help show the finished pattern 


The cards are approx 15cm x 10cm and are on 4mm MDF 


(The lines will be wide enough for light to shine through when held up to the light) 


They come in a set of 6 

  • ORION 


You'll also get a fact sheet print out with each purchase which gives you the 'nick names' (Like Big Dipper etc) 

You have a choice of your set having a hole and large key ring to hang up, or a set of six in a little stand (Made up of an 18mm piece and 3mm solid base to glue on) 


There is also an option to buy 'Single cards' if there is a constellation you would like us to create for you. 

Please use the drop down menus as the photos will show you what you get for your choices. 

Constellation Threading Flash cards

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