Counting Blocks

Packs of little strips to aid counting, in a chunky border and supplied with a thin 4mm base piece, that you simply glue to the border so you can create a storage tray 


They are strips measuring totals of 18cm - a single block is 1.8cm (18mm thick, so perfectly sqaure) 
So for example, a full strip is equal to 10, then you get a 9 and a 1, an 8 and a 2 and so on. 
So if you have 10 x 1's they will be exactly the same as the single 10 piece


There are TWO main options plus the option to buy packs of single blocks too and the option to buy ALL singles in a tray (Better Pic to follow) 
So please read the following for your options 


Pack one : 21cm x 14cm Border, base and with 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Pack two : 21cm x 23cm Border, base and with 2 of each of the above, so 2 x10's, 2 x 9's and so on. 

And then packs of ones (SINGLES) (ie the 1.8cm piece) 

Packs of two's (DOUBLES) (3.6cm) 

Pack of 60 Singles (With a border and base) (So 6 Rows of 10 Singles)


THE PHOTOS SHOW YOU WHAT YOU GET IN THE PACKS YOU CHOOSE (Will add a better photo of the single tray option asap)


Please note, after surveying many of our customers on our Facebook page, the decision was that a looser fit on them was a preferred option, so they don't stick together when painted, but please specifiy in the notes if you would prefer a tighter fit.

Counting Blocks in Trays

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