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a selection of our popular posting activity lids but with each design, we have engraved a border around the shapes to make them really easy to paint and create perfect colour matching posting lids


The lids come in 5 different designs

7 hole

10 hole

Assorted holes

Lolly stick slots

Assorted shapes


And each design comes in a choice of Large or Small lid for the large and small trofast trays


(40x30 and 30x20 approx)


Important info to note :

The 7 and 10 hole lids - You get all circles that are cut out, and they fit fairly tightly

The assorted hole lid - You get just some of the larger circles that cut out, not the smaller ones as we recommend pom poms for those holes

The shape lids - The shapes are a loose fit to make them easier for younger children to post. We did not want the frustration of having to rotate and fit them into the holes, so there is a gap between the shape and the hole (see pics)

The Lolly stick lid doesn’t come with the little cut out shapes. This is a perfect lid to use with any coloured lolly sticks (standard or jumbo)

you can choose between the lids on their own, or lids with paint pack, brush and palette

Easy to paint posting Activity Lids

PriceFrom £4.50
  • Disclaimer

    All our Learning Resource and Activity Lid products are craft / learning aids and are to be used under supervision only. Some of the items may contain small parts

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