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Brand new and exclusive to Perrys woodcraft.


Rice run sets with raised stands for tuff trays 


These are a modified variation of our existing Single Mini rice run and our triple rice run but with the removeable stands so you can either have them flat on the edge of your flisat table, or tuff tray, or you can use the side stands to elevate your rice run, so you can place a bowl, sensory tray, or hand underneath for catching the rice 

Your set choices are :


Triple run - A simple flat base with adjustable hole slots to use to arrange the tubes into the trays, You can alternate the holes so it suits those who have large trays in one side and two small trays in the other. It is flat bottomed so can also be placed on around the table or onto an activity lid with holes

The tubes are 15cm long


Single mini run -A fab little base which holds one 15cm tube and is perfect for sitting on top of an activity lid or anywhere around the border of the Flisat table. Can also be sat on a small box so the slope can flow into a tub or bowl and used on a tuff tray.


All sets come with a plastic scoop and the tubes. (Scoop may vary in appearance due to stock availability with our suppliers)

please note that the scoops are a free item with your order, so we unfortunately cannot replace them if they break during transit to you 


The tubes are all 60mm diameter and are 0.5mm plastic


To make the edges soft for little hands you can push play dough around the edges. We outsource the tubes, and do not cut them outselves, so we cannot control the cut edge. 


Please note, if your tube slips down a bit when little hands are pushing items through, pop an elastic band around the tube to help keep the fit tight


Elevated Rice Runs

PriceFrom £7.00
  • Disclaimer

    All our Learning Resource and Activity Lid products are craft / learning aids and are to be used under supervision only. Some of the items may contain small parts

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