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A huge bundle of Flash card holders and a book stand/holder 


The set contains a total of 15 Pieces in a range of shapes, lengths and uses 

The full list of your items include : 

  • Book Stand (Large enough to hold large story books and ipads) and comes with two chunky dowel pieces with a choice of slots to hold smaller and larger books 
  • A long 3mm (21cm x 10cm) Blank Flash Card
  • A Standard 3mm (11cm x 8cm) Blank Flash Card
  • 2 x Triple Flash Card Holders (Perfect for Sitting along the back of a Flisat table) (Overall length approx 39cm)
  • 2 x Extra Long 6mm Flash card holders (35cm slots) 
  • 4 x Standard Length 6mm Flash card holders (29cm slots) 
  • Pentagon Shaped Flash Card Folder 6mm - Perfect for Putting in the centre of a Tuff Tray 
  • Triangle Shapes Flash Card Holder - Great for Tuff Trays 
  • Square Flash Card Holder - Also perfect for Tuff Trays 
  • 2mm Clear Acrylic Backing - Ideal for placing behind larger, floppier Laminates to keep them from folding over (21x14cm)


All the MDF pieces are 6mm, which is thick enough to take the weight of flash cards, laminates and our 3mm MDF flash cards, but thin enough not to cover important text on the bottom of your flash cards 


The sizes offer a range of variations from holding Flash cards up to A4 sized items

The Long straight ones are ideal for placing at the back or around the perimeter of Flisat tables. 
Please take a look at the photos showing some of the ways you can use this fab set 

At the moment, this is only available as a complete set, apart from the Book holder which we have separately. 

We may offer parts of these separately in the future

Flash Card Holder Bundle Pack

PriceFrom £3.00
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