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this listing is for our flower arranging sensory tray set.


A lovely patterned vase, with a choice of stemmed flowers that you can arrange around your vase to create beautiful sensory set ups and enjoy watching little ones filling them with coloured rice, sand and more. 
You can buy the assorted flowers in the sets we have, or you can specify one flower 

(Eg if you buy the vase and 6 flowers, you can have 6 stemmed roses) 
Just specify in the comments box 


If you don't specify, you will get assorted to save delay with orders


A vase sensory tray (approx 25cm) and a selection of different flower stems

The flowers vary in size but average approx 20cm


There’s a rose, tulip, daffodil, sunflower, lily of the valley and Daisy.


In this collection is also a bouquet of flowers sensory tray, which you can buy separately or as part of the bumper pack = This measures approx 25cm 


As with all our sensory trays, they consist of a solid 3mm base, and hollow layer in 6mm 
You simply need to glue the 6mm part onto the base using any white craft glue 
(We do also sell glue, please find it here if you would like to add one onto your order) 

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Flower arranging Sensory tray set

PriceFrom £2.50
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