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Brand New Range of FUN FAIR themed items 

These are products that were first introduced in our August 2021 Perrybox, but we have now launched these as individual items on our website with the additional new items of the Coconut Shy count to 5 set and the Coconut Shy Rainbow Stacker 

They are items as follows: 

  • Ferris Wheel (19cm) - 5 Parts (Including a dowel to make it spin) (6mm)
  • Popcorn Fillable - 12cm (2 Clear Acrylic pieces (Will appear blue, so you need to peel the protective film off) , a laser cut front and the 18mm core piece to give it the fillable space (Please note that this is larger than the one in the Perrybox 
  • Pack of 5 Stackable Hook a ducks with dowel for hooking (8cm tall) (18mm)
  • 2 Part Helter (20cm tall) (3mm and 18mm) 
  • Dodgem (12cm) with 65mm Peg Doll included (18mm)
  • Fun Fair Sign with 3mm laser border and lettering (25cm long) 
  • Coconut Shy stand with 5 loose coconuts (25cm wide) (18mm)
  • Coconut Shy Rainbow Stacker (20cm wide) (18mm)


There is also a Bundle Pack which includes : 

  • 1 x Coconut Shy Stacker
  • 1 x Popcorn Fillable
  • 1 x Ferris Wheel set
  • 1 x Helter Skelter
  • 1 x Hook a duck with dowel 
  • 1 x Fun Fair Sign
  • 1 x Dodgem with Peg Doll 


If you simply use the drop down menus, the photos will show you what you get for each choice  

Fun Fair Range

PriceFrom £1.50
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