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Ikea Trofast Activity Lid 

This listing is for the chunky puzzle lid 

A large lid to fit the large trofast trays 

You get 13 shapes - Haunted house, ghost, witch, frankenstein's monster, bat, Boo,sweet, coffin, cat, headstone, pumpkin, cobweb. skull 

(Please note we have redesigned a couple of the characters, eg the Frankenstein Monster and witch, so these will vary slightly from the image) 


Each shape is 18mm thick, so freestanding and comes with a 3mm hollow front. 
You can paint the 3mm part one colour and the 18mm another colour and create a really simple, but incredibly colourful and effective set of halloween themed shapes ! 
I have painted a set to show you an example of how fab they can look, with minimal effort. 

I used Acrylic paints. 

The lid is BLACK MDF so no painting needed, and it comes with a standard 3mm MDF solid base. 
Place the pieces in their spaces, or stack up to practice balancing and fine motor skills. 
We've specially designed this set to be very robust with no fragile elements, so perfect for smaller hands 
(The 3mm pieces are fragile until glued on) 

Simply glue the 3mm parts onto the 18mm pieces with a white PVA or craft glue 

Please search glue to find the one we sell and highly recommend :) 

PLEASE NOTE: this set does not come painted and we can't offer this option i'm afraid. The painted pics are just a colour suggestion 


This product is for the Large Trofast Trays and is 42cm x 30cm



Halloween 3D Puzzle and stacking Shapes lid

PriceFrom £10.00
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    All our Learning Resource and Activity Lid products are craft / learning aids and are to be used under supervision only. Some of the items may contain small parts

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