Wowbee !!
Celebrating the beautiful bee with this lovely new item, exclusive to Perry's ! Free Standing Honeycomb Pieces, with bees ! 18mm, Super smooth, top quality MDF You can buy the following options :


  • FULL Set : Large piece (13 Hexagons), Medium Piece (4 Hexagons), Small Piece (2 Hexagons), Ex Small Piece (Single Hexagon) & 10 Bees (2 Styles)
  • Ex Small Honeycomb: Just one Single Hexagon
  • Small Honeycomb : 2 Part Piece
  • Medium Honeycomb : 4 Part Piece
  • Pack of 10 Bees (5 of each style)
  • Small Set (1 Part, 2 Part, 4 Part, and 4 Bees 🐝 - two of each style)

The measurements are as follows (And are approx)

13 Part honeycomb (18cm x 25cm) 4 Part honeycomb (11cm x 16cm)
2 Part honeycomb (6cm x 11cm)
1 Party honeycomb (6cm x 5cm)
Bees (4cm) As you can see the Bees just fit into the hexagons so the inside of the hexagons are just over 4cm - 5cm


PLEASE NOTE : They do not come painted, and we dont offer this option, the photo is just to show a sample of one finished 

Honeycomb Sets

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