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This listing is for a wonderful set of King's Coronation themed sensory trays 


The trays vary in size, but average approx 20cm - 25cm 

The Full set includes one each of the following designs : 

  1. King's head profile with crown 
  2. Sceptre 
  3. Orb
  4. Throne 
  5. Bunting Shaped Union Jack 
  6. Round Shapes Union Jack 


You can also buy them individually or a pack of any 6 of the same ones 


As with all our sensory trays, they consist of a solid 3mm base, and hollow layer in 6mm 
You simply need to glue the 6mm part onto the base using any white craft glue 
(We do also sell glue, please find it here if you would like to add one onto your order) 

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King's Coronation Sensory Trays

PriceFrom £3.00
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