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Marble Run set

12mm engraved lengths of runs in packs of 3 with deep engraved wiggly lines that will fit any marble up to approx 17mm wide.


There are two sizes available, standard and extra large The runs for the standard are 30cm x 8cm, so the set of three gives you a total run length of 90cm


The extra large measures 41cm x 8cm approx so gives you a run length of 123cm with all three in the set You can buy multiple sets to enhance your marble run, and we also have sets of bridge stands for them


The stands are 6mm and designed to slot tightly into wide feet, making them sturdy, and are in packs of 6 in heights from approx 5cm - 20cm (With approx 3-5cm increments between each one)

PLEASE NOTE: We have measured them with the intention of making the bridge stands fit snugly into the bases, but with MDF varying slightly from one sheet to the next, they may not always be really tight, but you can always use a dab of glue, but even when a little looser, it does not affect them working


You can use Extra Long with the Standard runs as the grooves and width are the sameYour pack choices :


Pack of 3 - Standard marble run (NO stands)

Pack of 3 - Extra Long marble run (NO Stands)

Pack of 3 - Standard marble run with pack of 6 stands

Pack of 3 - Extra Long marble run with pack of 6 stands

Just pack of 6 stands (the stands are still being finalised to get the design just right so may vary slightly from the images

Catcher arch piece (see pic for example but the one you get will be slightly smaller than this x


We haven't made these interlocking to eachother, as this doesn't work, with the items being elevated at an angle so it is a build it yourself contruct, where you can balance items to create your run, but we do recommend foldback/bulldog clips to connect the run pieces to each other as this works great (under strict supervision)


Also, please note that an incline of 30cm or more may mean the marble will drop out and not run down the route successfully, but again, it's up to you to create your fun construction run and find what works :) Maybe use your Grimms rainbows as bridges if you have them

Marble Run set of boards and stands

PriceFrom £2.00

    Our products are sold as unpainted craft educational items and as such are not UKCA certified.

    You’re welcome to paint items, seal them and create your own testing if selling them on as a finished product.

    Please note that all items should be used under supervision and are not suitable for under 3’s as some items have small parts

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