Free Standing Monkey Puzzle Story Sack set


Our Story Sack set sizes all vary in size, so you can expect the average sizes of the characters to range from between approximately 8cm - 17cm - Depending on the character and set you buy A Standard Set will generally contain an average of 5-7 pieces They are roughly proportionate if it's possible in a set, but are taking into account how they need to be a good size to hold, and not too small that they are fragile. You can see in the photos to get an idea of the sizes compared to eachother in your choice of set Some sets will have an option to buy 'EXTRA' as this gives you the opportunity to purchase additional characters to complete your set The Monkey Puzzle Standard Set includes Monkey Elephant Parrot Butterfly Snake Frog Dear Monkey Puzzle EXTRA Set contains Monkey Elephant Parrot Butterfly Snake Frog Mummy monkey Spider Caterpillar Bat

Monkey Puzzle Story Sack set

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