This Listing is for packs of Clearance Activity Lids They have been pre bundled into packs of THREE large lids and two small so each pack has 5 lids in total !


They’ll be a mix of colours, materials and thicknesses.

Totally random


They have been reduced for the following reasons : Not cut correctly (Eg holes not cut all the way through, or some cut on both sides), cut too dark on the laser, Cut out instead of engraved, Sheet moved and cut a corner off, or a design isn't even, or centred.

Some items are perfectly fine, just perhaps cut on the wrong thickness of MDF or a design we didn't pursue. Or simply overstock from seasonal sales.

There are a couple of smaller sized ones designed to sit in the bottom of your trays to lay sensory bases on or to paint a decorative base

Various other small issues that just mean we prefer not to sell them at full price.


So for £9 plus post you get 5 lids!

Some will have more if it’s a puzzle lid with a base.


We can't take requests, or mix sizes.

They are a complete mystery, so you won't know what designs you have until they reach you.

If you receive one with shapes missing, please know we can’t sell those shapes to you to complete these sets. Some are reduced because we had a shape or two missing.


Remember you can always use the reverse sides for painting etc, so it doubles up their uses.


We have 35 bundles in total so when they show as out of stock I’m afraid they will have all gone.




It may take 3-5 days to post as we can't send them all at once due to how many other orders leave us daily. You will get a dispatch email when they are sent


IMPORTANT : (If you are ordering them with other items, then the turnaround times on the website HOMEPAGE apply)

Mystery Activity Lids Clearance