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What you are buying:


Random shapes in all thicknesses of MDF from 3mm - 18mm a

Box size 12"x9" x 3" FULL to the brim with offcuts


Some 12-18mm items may need sanding slightly, the thinner items are laser shapes so won't need sanding

There may be a few slightly damaged items

Most pieces are perfectly fine, just items that are the centres of hollow shapes, inside cut outs of a lot of our hollow activity lid puzzles, spare basic shapes and simply just overstock from the huge amount of extra shapes we cut to ensure no waste on our sheets.


All perfectly good for little crafters to paint, or to test paint colours on !

Ideal shapes for small part play.

Cheaper when you buy two. 
If you want more than two, that's fine, just use the QTY box to change the amount


A few things we please ask when purchasing these:


  • These cannot be added to existing orders due to the weight of them. Adding these to an order you already have will potentially need further parcels with royal mail. 
  • They are random, some shapes are errors, or shapes we never launched, or parts of sets. So we kindly ask that you don't request further items after you have received your items to make up sets
  • Please only buy through the website, we don't take orders for these via messages or by sending us money via paypal etc.




As these are ready to go, we will post them in the order that you all buy them - Generally within 1-2 days 
If you order any mystery clearance items with other items from our website, we will then require the wait time displayed on the homepage of the website and will send it all together then. 

Please look in our SALE category for our other current clearances
SALE ITEMS | Perrys Woodcraft

Mystery Boxes - Assortment of shapes

PriceFrom £7.50
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