Number Buttons - With 10 Frame

Our fab new educational - fun item 

Chunky button shapes with holes indicating numbers from 1-10 (Size of holes vary but average approx 5mm) 
Buttons are great little hand size (The hand in the photo is that of a 10 year old) :) 
Approx 45mm 

The set comes with a large 35cm x 15cm 10 Frame in 12mm thickness 

We did it in this thickness so the buttons were thicker and easier to place in and take out. 

These are larger than the other hollow 10 frames we do, so the buttons wont fit your existing 10 frames sorry (The buttons would have been too small) 

We have made the 10 frame large, so the buttons have room to spare, and so the 10 frames can be used with other items, but please tell us in the notes if you wish for the buttons to have a tighter fit in the holes


You can buy the buttons on their own, or the 10 frame on it's own 

All info in the drop down menu 

Number Buttons - With 10 Frame

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