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Ikea Trofast / Flisat Activity Lid 

This listing is for the Dolly Peg Border activity lid 
A Large lid to fit the large trofast trays 


A fab 6mm Lid with 13mm holes to tightly fit the included Pegs in 6 colours (you get 12, so two of each colour) 
You will also get a pack of 6 laces, one in each colour 

You get 12 hollow shapes with lace loops on them for attaching different coloured laces to, so you can play colour matching games across the lid (Ignore the photo showing only 5 shapes, you will get 6 different shapes) 

Please note that to make sure the shapes were a safe size for small hands (5cm) it will mean that the peg dolls will have to be placed in every other hole for them to fit 

The shapes can be painted in the 6 colours to match (Any acrylic paint works well, or acrylic paint markers) 

The lid can also be used without the pegs, using the holes to practic threading, stretching elastic across to create a hidden retrieving game, where little ones need to poke their hands through, find items and lift them out 

Use the holes to practice threading, tying knots, weaving in and out and more.... 

Such a fab, versatile lid with lots of fun things to do ! 


To buy plain dolly pegs, please look here 
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Peg Border activity lid

PriceFrom £3.00
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