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Ikea Trofast / Flisat fitting Activity Lids 


This listing is for the Phase 2 Phonics Feeding / Posting Small lids 


(We have a SATPIN feeding / Posting set already, so you can buy these to add to complete the phase 2 collection and we also have a phase 1 alphabet phonics lid set too) 

Here's a link to our phonics products 

phonics - Perrys Woodcraft

We will be looking at designing phase 3 soon


this fab listing is a bumper  selection of 17 x  3mm engraved Activity lids aimed at learning phase 2 phonics, by naming the pictures, finding the correct mini flash cards and posting them in the correct slots 
The flash cards are approx 6cm x 5cm 

The set of 17 lids are small lids for the small trofast tray.

Please see all the photos for the details and chosen phonics images for each letter

We have options of buying :

  • all 17 lids with a total of 51 flash cards (3 per letter/lid) 
  • Pack of 6 Lids with 18 flash cards
  • Pack of 3 Lids with 9 flash cards
  • single lid with 3 flash cards


The Set includes all the following letters/groups of letters 



If you select the smaller packs, or a single one, please tell us which letter lid/s you would like in the comments box. 
If you don't specify, we may simply sent a random selection to prevent delays with orders, so please don't forget to add notes for us. 

We have also have a listing for a 'Learn About Phonics Phase 2' Let set which is a set of two large lids with puzzle pieces, you can find this one at same link above 

The Lid Sizes are 

Small : 30cm x 20cm 

And they fit perfectly in the large and small Trofast trays that slot into the Flisat tables

If you don't have any small trofast trays you can buy our unique Adapter lids to go with this order 
See below for link 

Learning Aids, Resources, MDF Craft (




Phase 2 phonics posting Lid set

PriceFrom £9.00
  • If you don't have a Flisat table

    With most of our designs, we're happy to make them more rectangular to be just used on a desk, table, floor etc, for anyone that doesn't have a Flisat table, or Trofast trays. 
    Please just comment in the notes and we'll remove the little thumb slot and make the corners more rectangular. 

  • Disclaimer

    All our Learning Resource and Activity Lid products are craft / learning aids and are to be used under supervision only. Some of the items may contain small parts

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