Chunky 18mm thick -  handsized Play and Learn words, Arial Rounded font (No sharp corners)

Infant letter 'a' , dots are joined on the i and j (lower case) 


They are 7cm tall (With the exception of the lower case as they are in proportion to the upper case, so the tall lower case are 7cm, the shorter letters like 'a' are approx 5cm


They are perfect for laying on your tuff trays, killax units or on your Flisat tables 


You can select from the pre selected words, which we'll add to gradually or simply choose a word length and write in the notes what word you need. 

Please can we ask, when selecting two words eg HOME and PLAY, please select 2 x 4 letter words and not 1 x 8 Letter word to avoid any confusion when processing orders. 
We have single letters on this listing too, and we also have a full alphabet set available if you search 'CHUNKY ALPHABET SET' 


All the information you need is on the drop down menus, the images will show you what you get in the set you choose. (We will put better images on once sets are cut and sanded)


Please note that words will come in lower case, with the first letter being a capital, but if you would like all the letters lower case, or in a specific way, please just tell us in the comments box. 

Play and Learn Words - Chunky 7cm (18mm)

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  • As we now have a laser machine, we will be changing how some of our items are cut. 
    All items that are 4mm thick or have a 4mm part to them (Eg backings to trays and puzzles) will be laser cut, and we will also now cut a lot of our 6mm products with the laser machine too, as this gives a crisper finish to the edges. 
    Please use the comments box on the product you are buying if they are any of the above thicknesses, and feel you would prefer us to cut it as before with our CNC machines (This is not an option now with 4mm backings, as we will be pre cutting all of these to help with our speed of service) 
    thanks, the Perrys x

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