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18mm Packs of Free Standing Risers to go with our road pieces (6mm) 


They are all 65mm wide and heights of 13cm, 10cm and 5cm tall 


Create a multitude of stacking settings with these. Available in packs of 9, 15 and 24 ! 

And Bumper packs with the roads, road corners, and with the vehicle and signs 

All the info you need is below 


PACK ONE : Pack of 9 Risers (3 of each size) 

PACK TWO : Pack of 24 Risers (8 of each size) 

PACK THREE : Pack of 24 Risers, 11 Straight Boards (Sizes below) and 15 Corners


Please note that you can buy the little cars and road signs here : 
Learning Aids, Resources, MDF Craft (


The Straight Boards Measure as the following 

  • 35.5cm 
  • 32.5cm 
  • 30cm 
  • 27.5cm 
  • 24.5cm 
  • 22cm 
  • 19.5cm 
  • 17cm
  • 14.5cm 
  • 12cm 
  • 9.8cm 

All these lengths are 7cm in width and 6mm thick 


And a pack of 15 Soft Corners - 7cm wide pieces to fit perfectly with the boards (And these are also 6mm thick) 

When you select your option, the photo will show you what you get in your packs 


If you wanted to just purchase the road pieces (eg all the 6mm items), please search ROADS in our search box for this listing 




Road Sets RISERS - Bumper Sets Available

PriceFrom £7.50
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