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See, Make, Write tray

This is a dual purpose board, with interchangeable pieces, so you can practice writing, spelling, and maths


A hollow tray (With solid base which you can glue onto the tray part) This measures 25cm x 18cm approx and is 6mm MDFIt has 3 hollow sections and a pen space sectionThe top layer can either be used as a tray to place an item in for the little learner to then spell the word for, or it comes with a removable White Acrylic drywipe board, so a word, or sum can be written on this part. The centre tray has an engraved handwriting MDF piece, so the little learner can use loose letters to build a word

(Letters not provided with this item, but please visit our literacy section for our 5cm letter sets)

And comes with a hollow 10 Frame, perfect for pom poms or using the single numicon pieces. Or the tray (Without the inserts) can be used for Numicon building to help solve the sum above, as we have sized the tray perfectly to fit a numicon 10 frame (Numicon not included)

The last tray has an engraved base for handwriting practice and comes with a removable clear piece of acrylic for placing in the tray so your little learner can write the word or solve the math sum. So a fab set with all the pieces you need to See, Make and Write !

See, Make, Write tray (Interchangeable)

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